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Young Living Essential Oils

Harmony Acupuncture is pleased to distribute Young Living Essential Oils. If you’d like to purchase Young Living essential oils from Harmony Acupuncture, Go to Young Living’s website and use my distributor code, 4007925.

Young Living’s farms strive to use organic matter in everything they grow, process, and sell. Thus chemical fertilizers or pesticides are not used on the YL affiliated farms. Unfortunately, they cannot place the word “organic” on the labels as they are not certified organic.

The reason why the oils are not 100% certified organic is due to the fact that they occasionally import some oils from different countries. As most of these countries do not have organic standards set or organic standards that match the US standards, they are unable to certify them organic. With this said, please rest assured, that Young Living® will not accept oils or plants that do not meet their strict standards.

The Young Living therapeutic-grade standard goes beyond organic in purity, scope, and potency. Young Living applauds the ever-growing demand for goods prepared using organic, sustainable, and “green” growing practices. They have long championed cutting-edge natural, organic and low-impact farming and manufacturing methods (i.e. returning distilled compost and bioactivity to their fields). We find these methods essential in their efforts to produce pure essential oils free from contaminants often introduced by chemical pesticides, fertilizers, etc. On the other hand, they have found that “certified organic” does not guarantee that a plant and the oil it produces will be totally free from problems. It’s the sad state of the world that even the best organic farms can be contaminated by toxins, like heavy metals, already in the soil and those still being introduced by polluted air and water.

Check out these awesome oils at the Young Living website.

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